Jesper Tønning Photography

Welcome to a site with Nature in Focus. I invite you to take a virtual safari, through my inspiring images of Nordic light. Nature is never standing still, I am not standing still, and nature photography is a never-ending learning process - that's my drive. I gain as much fulfilment from photographing the common, plain and ordinary as I do pursuing the rare or shy and elusive! It's about technique; it's also about knowing your subject and luck mostly happens when preparation meets opportunity - the harder you work, the luckier you get! but most important, it's about letting your heart being touched by Nature” ...My photography has turned into a lifestyle where the experience of being outdoors, is just as important as getting a great shot!.  You do not have to go far away to find the good motives, that´s my philosophy. Although my backyard in Denmark is my favourite source of inspiration, the Scandinavian mountains are a preferred travel destination. The use of light, composition and a special eye for detail is my trump card, and landscape and macro shots are my speciality. My work has received numerous awards in national and international photo competitions though the years, and it has appeared in numerous media such as exhibitions, advertising, brochures, books, calendars, postcards and specialized magazines.

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