About - Jesper Tønning Photography

About the Artist

I’m one of those people usually happiest when outdoor, so photographing nature is simply a perfect combination of being close to nature and doing the work I love doing most - making photos.

Scenic landscapes and details of nature, ranging from the dramatic to the subtle, magic light, beautiful moods, and graphic design of natural elements like water, rock, trees, flowers, wildlife and the sky are some of my main subjects. I have a great eye for details, structures, patterns and “small landscapes". Any place, even ordinary locations, can yield a "great shot" - provided that conditions are right!. The trick is to wait for interesting light, and let time and motion play a role in the creative process.

Artist Statement   "Capturing moments in time... is the essence of my photography. The memories and experiences of capturing an image are preserved forever; each image stamped with its own unique moment in time. By exploring nature I'm discovering new things every day - when taking pictures I’m always striving for perfection and that means always learning; "Nature is never standing still, I am not standing still, and nature photography is a never-ending learning process, - that's my drive, but most important, it's about letting your heart being touched by Nature"

"Nature is a master in creating art, as a photographer you can only copy the work of Nature and then maybe, you can call it art."

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