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Nordic Nature Photo Contest

Among the ten best images in the landscape category. NNPC Nordic Nature Photo Contest. (Norway)

Welcome to a site with Nature in Focus. I invite you to take a virtual safari, through my inspiring images of the natural World.


New website design

Finally my website has got a refreshing autumn cleanup and update, a new design with background images, making the site almost 3D, with that extra layer. I really like it much better than the previous one. About has been divided into pages, Awards, Publishing, Exhibitions and References - I hope you like it. My site also works very well on smartphones and tablets, but I would recommend a computer with a good display. My goal for the winter, is to add new portfolios full of inspiring images. If you have any feedback please let me know. 

...You can follow my work on Instagram - Thank you for your interest in my work!


A week with Photography in Skagen

Rain at Sunset. Last week I was on vacation, in the northernmost part of Denmark. Skagen is a magical place for a photographer, exciting light and landscapes that are so inspiring. Most pictures from this trip are photographed in the Skagen dune plantation. Autumn colors, mosses and trees, I love this wilderness. The weather on the trip was nothing to brag about, lots of rain and wind. Over the course of 8 days, we saw the sun for a maximum of 5 hours, really bad weather. However, this picture is an exception.


Ten days on the island of Anholt

One afternoon a huge thundercloud, arrived at the coast of Anholt. I managed to get a few shots, before I had to run to find shelter - a hard task on a flat island like Anholt. Sometimes You really experience, some extreme weather conditions and this one was one to remember. It was a bit spooky to be trapped outside, in a thunderstorm like this one. I got completely soaked, because I didn't have time to change, before the rain arrived. It was so good to get dry clothes on, after an hour of heavy rain and thunder.

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